5th May 2023

New Season! IQF Rhubarb

Spring is rhubarb season and this versatile vegetable (yes, it is technically classified as a vegetable not a fruit) can...

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16th February 2023

IQF Cultivated Blueberries

Classed as a “superfruit” blueberries are one of the best natural sources of antioxidants and are are packed full of...

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3rd February 2023

New! Frozen Added Value Poultry launches in Iceland

We’re on a roll! This week we’re excited to share the latest launch from Best Foods for Iceland. Not one,...

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25th January 2023

Eat in, go all out!

Eat in, go all out! Introducing our new brand, Discover-In. Discover-In is food for people who want to go all-out...

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20th January 2023

Asian Pulled Pork

With Chinese New Year celebrations taking place this coming Sunday, we’re sharing some table-inspiration from one of our fantastic food...

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12th January 2023

New! Featherblade Beef Steak in a rich Red Wine jus, finished with Forest Mushrooms

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Foodservice range on restaurant menus across the UK. The vibrant range...

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6th January 2023

New! Inspired Cuisine Gyoza in Aldi

As the global demand for frozen dumplings continues to rise we’re excited to announce the launch of our NEW Inspired...

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21st December 2022

The new season for IQF Strawberries is just around the corner

At Best Foods, we have over 20 years of experience of supplying frozen fruit and vegetables into the UK market....

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20th October 2022

New seasonal products launching in Aldi’s frozen aisle

We’re delighted to have launched four cook-from-frozen Oakhurst products into Aldi’s new seasonal range. Keep an eye out for our...

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30th June 2022

Networking and idea-sharing at PLMA in The Netherlands

  The Best Foods team were out in force at the PLMA’s World of Private Label international trade show in...

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